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Swing Workshops (Lindy, Shag, and Aerials) on 7/14 and 15 with award winning dancers Tony Fraser and Jaime Shannon – Swing Dance on Saturday 7/14 featuring Band Java Groove from 8:30pm – 12:00am

For information to purchase tickets, visit http://bit.ly/VTJ2018 or email noble.joyc@gmail.com.

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Acro Yoga

Acro, is a hugely fun and surprisingly accessible practice of developing body awareness, strength, balance, and communication by working with others to lift one another in the air! The Acro community draws on techniques from dance, acrobatics, cheerleading, and circus arts, and has creatively deepened these practices with hundreds of new postures and flows while also developing vocabularies and games for making Acro more fun and accessible. No partner or experience necessary.

For more info about Acro in the area join the AcroYoga CT and New Haven Acro Community FB groups. Message Sasha at 617.960.7727 with questions. IG @skrucial

Time: Sundays, 1:00-3:00 p.m.
Cost: $15 for a single class, $12 for students.
Instructor: Sasha Krushnic
Registration: No registration required. Attend any time.
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