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Vinnie's is excited to announce that Eight to the Bar

Will be playing at our Valentine's Swing Dance on Friday 2/8 from 8:30p-12:00 am

$15/ $12 students.

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Belly Dancing

This class is for women of varied shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. This "dance of the belly" is rich in meanings, uses, techniques, styles, evolution and social customs. The dance uses isolations, shimmies and undulations of different parts of the body. These movements trace out a variety of shapes and letters in a type of ancient writing and relate to the motions of nature: wind, trees, flowers, water, animals.

This class offers instructor Gia Khalsa's style of belly dance, which incorporates basic beginner moves into many different styles. All classes are geared toward beginners and are ongoing. While each class is unique, basics are repeated on an ongoing schedule.

Time: Sundays, 6 to 7:15 p.m.
Cost: $14 for a single class; $72 for six classes
Instructor: Gia Khalsa
Registration: Please call Gia in advance at (860) 342-1881.
For more information,
Please contact Gia at (860) 342-1881.
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